Thursday, July 21, 2011


Dear Friends & Followers,

I have been revamping the website blog here and will be making many new links available soon. The last year has been quite a journey of learning and experience building in the world of blogs.

Be patient and I hope to bring you a state of the art  website with resources that make a difference in the lives of those we teach!

Make it a pwoerful day!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reading Celebration through Poetry, and my 3 Loves in Life.

I have been so proccupied with  earning my doctoral degree that this post has been negelcted far too long. In the weeks to come I will be reworking Reading Doctor Connections and linking to many professional forums. I strive to educate the best way that I can, sharing what I know and being a good listener to what orthers are also willing to share. In any event on Saturdays I dedicate the post to reading what my fellow PS bloggers have to say!~

Hi to all my PS fans! No pun intended as you scroll down and view the collection of exquisite fans I came across and kimonos in silk and PINK from Japan at Asian Ideas. I have been reminiscing over my lovely collection of Japanese art once owned and cherished and missing those as they are now but memories of my lost art and furnitire. I am slowly beginning to rebuild my life and fully intend to have at least one Asian room in my house.

Isn't everyone glad the President gets to take his children to Colonial Williamsburg, just one of the parks that would have closed this weekend if last evening's hail Mary deadline was not achieved? Never mind the thousands of disappointed fans to the closing weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival at The National Mall in DC!

Linking up to Beverly today with PINK SATURDAYS at How Sweet The Sound, be sure to visit and peruse all the lovely posts, make new friends and travel the world from your fingertips!

Kitty Carmel ran away this week and is home again. He is such a persnicketty cat, read more about Carmel!

Thank you dear Kitty for coming home to me. This adorable gift tag was found while rousing through my favorite blogs and for the life of me I cannot remember whom it was psoted by, Vintage art to be sure!

                                 God's artful masterpiece. He is the most affectionate cat EVER!
In tribute to three of my favorite things, The Cherry Blossoms Festival in DC, my love of the Japanese culture, and God's masterful butterflies, today I celebrate PINK through them!
These exquisite and affordable silk fans can be found at Asian Ideas. Notice the butterflies as they dance above the bamboo? These fans are made of authentic materials and can be engraved. The prices range from $12.00 and up.

The dainty flowers that embellish this one below remind me of the Cherry Blossoms in DC.

A beautiful acccent to the fans are these divine authentic Japanese kimonos. Most are only $55, also found  at Asian Ideas.
A walk with Thee...
  Imagine yourself among the Okami Cherry Trees,
In full blossom, the sun shining softly upon your face,
An God's beauty in Nature also glides onto your cheek
A majestic butterfly of pink and silkened wings...

Adorned in soft flowing and embroidered flowery robes
The kimono, warms your body, God's nature, your soul.
The butterflies fluttering a symbol of rebirth, reknew hope,
And the cherry blossoms assure that Spring is here!
A closer look into the world behold, the soft shades of love also blossoms...
The lush green meadowlands soon to burst a song as God's creatures return
Home to chirp aloud sweet melodies to behold, and the crickets in the grass, alas -
How sewet the sound of God's grace as His hands hold me in a loving embrace
Warming my inner being, resting a troubled soul, guiding through troubled waters
As I am restored to His glory and honor once more, He opens His door
And I gladly enter within, for now Life as He wants for me begins...
It is my self-made destiny I choose to embrace Him back and live through His love.

The Empress blosom trumpets loud His song, come to my sweetness, hold my crown
And you will no longer fear, but walk among my garden, share in my glory, take steps
With me, and see your footprints next to mine and only mine when tis needed
And then my heartbeat stops but for a moment and a love so strong is born...

Into God's hands I pray Thee place your trust with the divintiy
                           And one day you shall live in the house of the Lord forever more.
Poems My Way - Valrie 04/09/2011

All out of PINKS for the day, guess it's time to come by and visit Thee!
Filling up with Anitigua roast today, using a PINK mug, and the next wee hours I'll be by your blogs!
Please leave a comment they brighten up my days!
 Love you and God loves you!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


In the spirit of helping the cause one LAST PINK SATURDAY, here my PLEA for your help!

As a survivor of BOTH  Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence I am hoping to raise another $100 this weekend for the causes. Whether you donate a dollar and email me your pledge or make a purchase and I donate 10% in  your name to the MARY KAY ASH Foundation BE SURE TO DONATE to the PINK and PURPLE RIBBONS! to purchase skin care or glamour and 10% of your purchase is donated on your behalf! to make a pledge

I will giveaway a $50.00 gift basket entry chance  to everyone who donates. For every $10 you donate you will have an entyr to win my giftbasket of glamour and skincare or choose a holiday surprise gift basket of special items.

In honor of a close frined this week who celebrated a birthday and was instrumental in my recovery from domestic violence, I wrote a poem.

Happy Birthday! As I reflect on the years I have known you and our friendship blossomed I wrote this poem. I have only of myself to give, and thus hope you will accept my gift of poetry for your birthday. May the Lord Bless you and keep you healthy and safe from harm.

     Once A Friend, Always…

Once in a million there comes a friend

Who touches your life forever; such are you.

It might be the gentle nature of one’s words or

The calming effect one has as the words you express

Consoling and soothing my troubled heart and restless mind.

You are such a friend, who has breathed life

Back into an empty soul and rejuvenated youth.

Without the encouragement of your kind ways,

The constant guidance over poor choices being made

And sustaining me, standing beside me, leading

Me to the true resolution of my fears,

I would never have had the courage to overcome

The many adversities, which have plagued me… throughout

These troubled years; granted, I not always willing to listen…

Until recently, I still viewed myself deficient and unworthy

Of another’s love or friendship; I could not find ways to love myself.

The depths of the darkness in which I hid destroyed my spirit.

They locked away the sunshine I once embraced…

Bright rays of hope began to push through my locked soul

Opening the door to my recovery; baby steps at first, I took,

And sometimes two forward and it seems 6 backwards at times.

Yet through it all, you stood by me with encouragement

Never quitting or giving up on me even when I did myself.

It is what I needed, to realize of my own volition what I must do…

Funny how no matter how another might want you to change,

That it must come from within oneself, enduring the pain

As you stand by, awaiting the rebirth of a lost soul…

Forlorn, hapless, and hopeless… I chose to ignore my friends.

Shattered dreams like broken shards of glass stabbed my heart

Piercing my mind with the turmoil I lived through, unknown to most,

Even you, know not all the hidden secrets, masked behind my smile.

To reveal some would crush your faith in me to endure and persevere

They will lay silent forever; some words are better left unheard,

Too painful to surface, drowning in a pool of salty tears they shall stay.

Yet still I have faith and confidence that justice will prevail…

Hopes of a better life, envelopes my reborn heart, troubled mind, and lost soul.

New, brighter beginnings shall shine down on me and wash away my tears

And I will gather my flocks of shepherds close, as they guide and lead me to life eternal.

I will no longer fear, evil or mankind, the atrocities afflicted upon me washed away,

And rejoin the daily walk of life as a free spirited butterfly, soaring to high goals

Rejoicing in another chance to make a difference in this world of ours,

Touching other lost souls, broken hearts and troubled minds with kindness.

Valrie - Poems My WAy 10/23/2010

Domestic violence is not always visible, broken bones heal, broken hearts, minds and soul take much longer , if ever to heal.

This friend stood by me, platonically, nurtured me and never doubted me. Through the loving perseverance of  this friend, I came out of my shell and was able to move forward, until my health overcame me once again (the health issue was directly related to the domestic violence inflicted on me, morally, psychologically and physically.

Additionally, breast cancer awareness is a passion of mine. A survivor now of 10 years, my sister-in-law also recovered in the last 2 years from severe breast cancer, and now my sweetheart's mom at 77, who celebrated her 60 th wedding anniversary on Friday courageously battles breast cancer with the courage and love to overcome her plight. She told her doctors of the lump  and was told "not to worry!" 6 months now into chemotherapy, surgery, and now a mimimum of 36 consecutive radiation rounds, in her golden years she battles for her life with the tenacity of a 21 year old. Her love for her invalid husband brings tears to your eyes and touches your heart for all eternity. WIth no regard to her own predicament, she dotes on her husband, breathing life into him, and therefore herself.

Breast cancer hurts, I know. Loss of life hurts more. Both domestic violence and Breast Cancer takes and costs lives of those we love and hold dear. PLEASE help the cause, and donate a dollar today! Payments via paypal and tax receipts available. EMAIL me here for details and the address to send your donation or paypal data.

Together, UNITED, even $1 WILL  make a difference when multiplied!

Also please do not forget my charity CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS

Tonight I picked up 42 cans for packaging of cookies to be baked to send to our LOVING DEDICATED men and women serving USA and other nations to LIVE FREE!

The gentleman who donated them recently lost his mom, and the siblings all agreed that their  Currier & Ives collectible cans, from their loving MOM would best serve the cause for serving US TROOPS this holiday!

EMAIL me here to become part of the charity!

Updates on my life, I just finished another course in my doctoral degree, about  a 98.76% earnedd, I should have the final grade tomorrow. It was an exhausting experience.

I hope to reach 100 followers today and if I DO I will have a second spooktacular surprise giveaway!



Hope you have a happy and safe weekend, treat yourself to all the PINK SATURDAY blogs with BEV at How Sweet The Sound!

Remember to donate to the cause as the month closes my goal is to go from $150 today to another $200, PLEASE help support the cause!

                      Remember to hug the ones you love, and those who need to feel loved!
 I, am going to visit MANY blogs today and catch up on my blogships! Finished a doctoral 8 week class and have a few hours to spare today!  Sipping my coffee and on my way... to you!

 This I found on I think Bev's blog or one of the other blogers supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month and it touched my heart more than any I have seen. Butterflies are very special to me, read my poem Butterflies in thepages stored and you will see why!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear PINK SATURDAY friends,

I am not feeling all that great this week. I have been battling severe asthma the entire month and yesterday was put on steriods and a Z-pack antibiotic to help reduce the inflamation and wheeze. I was added the advair inhaler 2 times a day last week with no relief and am just praying this does not turn into pneumonia from the bronchitis. All in all though a VERY PINK week. I have raised over $150 so far for the Mary Kay Ash Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation from my sales. This is a result of my donating 20% of my sales before tax from what customers have purchased so far this month. You do the math. I have done Mary Kay Skin Care & Glamour since the late 70's. Recently I have made the decision to go full-time and realize my dream, a secure life with a boss I can live with... ME! That is what my PINK Bubble is all about.

Visit my website to help donate to the Cure for the Cause through your purchase
or Call me 607-547-2073
I will tell where to send your donation!
If every visitor were to donate just ONE DOLLAR in the NAME of the CURE, we would be that much closer... I am a survivir now of 10 years. You never know when that CALL will come or whose life you know that Breast Cancer will AFFECT and thus effect yours as well!




 I searched the web for inspiration for today's PINK POST and all these items are available to purchase at Century NOVELTY gets my vote for being the most IN PINK AWARENESS for Breast Cancer Awarenesss

Adorable PINK BC baby booties

No squeaking by here!


A laynyard for you and one for your BFF!

Satiny Smooth!

TWO TOO PRETTY  PINK METALLIC, one for you and one for your BFF!

                    So why not go for PINK! Be sure to TOTE them along in your BC TOTE!!!!

I am having a PINKALICIOUS ONLINE PARTY! Send me your picture in PINK  via email and get a BOGO  COUPON of anything PINK!

                    Time for me to refill my coffee cup and surf the web, saying hi to all my PINK friends!

 PLEASE stop by and visit BEV at How Sweet The Sound and be sure to tell her that the one and only

SENT you by!

                                           Here's a hug from Me to YOU! Have a BEARY PINK DAY!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


As the rain falls heavily throughout this weekend, I can only awaken my love for the PINKS in store for the Christmas season. Halloweedn has yet to come, but the stores are already  bespectacled with pinks , pinks, and more pinks!

I for one love to decorate in the VICTORIAN pink and rose hues. Some of my favortie memories of holidays past were filled with all my lovely pink ornaments and accent pieces now loing gone. As I scour the flea markets, thrit shops and goodwill stations I am ever on the search for similar items I lost when everything I owned was auctioned off last March while  severely ill  and  later recuperating in a nursing home.

If I could find my beautiful Victorian musical snowglobe that would be the one thing I would cherish most next to the lost pictures of my babies childhood Christmases.

Pinks in store for met to find.

Pink Pencil  Tree

Table Topper size trees!

                                    MY BIG PINK TREE ON MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST!

                                                   All trees can be found at Treetopia!

These pair of Santas are so cute!

What would Christmas in PINKLAND be without PINK ornaments?

I found these beautiful PINK butterfly ornaments on EBAY.

I think my house will be a very PINK Christmas this year!

Well, I have had a long night and am going to close now.

Please be sure to leave a comment and remember to leave a comment to be in the PINK giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a totallly PINK giftbasket from me filled with PINK treasures I find!

PLEASE SUPPORT PINK this month in honor of
Breast Cancer Awareness MONTH!

Visit my PINK BUBBLE and I will donate 20& of your purchase to the

Thank you BEV at How Sweet The Sound  or weekly host and please visit her for more GREAT PINK LINKS!

Please stop by Genie at Buttons for Baga one of PS newest bloggers! I visited her last Saturday and she has the most adorable blog!


                          I can BEARLY wait for my PINK Christmas, only 71 days!