Saturday, October 16, 2010


As the rain falls heavily throughout this weekend, I can only awaken my love for the PINKS in store for the Christmas season. Halloweedn has yet to come, but the stores are already  bespectacled with pinks , pinks, and more pinks!

I for one love to decorate in the VICTORIAN pink and rose hues. Some of my favortie memories of holidays past were filled with all my lovely pink ornaments and accent pieces now loing gone. As I scour the flea markets, thrit shops and goodwill stations I am ever on the search for similar items I lost when everything I owned was auctioned off last March while  severely ill  and  later recuperating in a nursing home.

If I could find my beautiful Victorian musical snowglobe that would be the one thing I would cherish most next to the lost pictures of my babies childhood Christmases.

Pinks in store for met to find.

Pink Pencil  Tree

Table Topper size trees!

                                    MY BIG PINK TREE ON MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST!

                                                   All trees can be found at Treetopia!

These pair of Santas are so cute!

What would Christmas in PINKLAND be without PINK ornaments?

I found these beautiful PINK butterfly ornaments on EBAY.

I think my house will be a very PINK Christmas this year!

Well, I have had a long night and am going to close now.

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                          I can BEARLY wait for my PINK Christmas, only 71 days!

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