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This is a very new blog and I am balancing a great deal right now. I just finished two doctoral courses and finishing up orientation to a new college where I teach  developmental courses for adult students.

My question today for you is one of critical thinking, reasoning skills, and opinionated to a degree...

Whose responsibility is or was it to educate and assure students have truly earned the passing grade and rite of passage to enter college with a high school crtificate?

Posit this:  You are not able to take college courses in your fielld of major until you pass the developmental courses on English composition, Crritical Thinking & Reasoning Skills, and Essential Skills for Reading. You pay for these college course by the credit hour, BUT do not earn college credit for them. This equals a total of 11 credit hours at the average of say $200-$300 per credit hour... do the math!

Now, who claims the blame? You as the student? You project it on the teachers or administrators? Or it is your parents' fault? Or all of the above?

This happens every day. It is a shame regardless who is responsible. It increases the cost of a college education, costs employers a great deal of money too! And you or your parents or those AWFUL student loans!

Posit this: What will you do differently today to change? You cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results!


  • resources to help you
  • web links
  • lesson plans self taught
  • enrollment in on-line courses geared directly to YOUR success
  • information on corporate workshops
  • information on professional development workshops
  • conferences, consortiums on language acquisition
  • literacy volunteer groups
  • parent groups
  • student groups
  • educator groups
TIP FOR THE DAY!!!  Read every day at least 15 minutes. Vary the type of texts you read and the purpose. Share what you read with others. Join a reading group and study group. I will be developing reading forums here!

THAT'S all for now!

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