Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Pink Labor of Love & Self Reward!


How many of you have more than one blog and feel like you... umh, get a bit CONFUSED?

Here's the scoop today is all about my search for a new PINK ring!

AHHHH! So beautiful!

Happy PS & Happy  PINK Labor Day weekend PINK ladies and fellow bloggers, followers. Today I am honoring myself with a labor of love in pink! Pink Sapphires to be exact! I want a new PINK  ring and I want to design it myself. The first step is selecting the cut of the stone, then the carat size, the clarity, and the color of PINK! Oh my it has been so much fun surfing the web for styles and stone cutters, suppliers, natural gemstones or man-made. Natural just seem well, NATURAL! AS long as it is Naturally PINK!

SO for some fun, when you post your comments guess which one I chose and let me know your favorite too! Whomever has a correct guess of the one I chose goes into a drawing for a surprise PINK giveaway! Now this wasn't announced on Bev's blog today, so if you want to spread the fun, grab my button, and pass on the link! Everyone has until the end of Labor  Day at EST midnight to enter my pink surprise giveaway!

        Here they all are in no special order! Emeralds, ovals, marquis, and more! How to choose?

                                All gems featured here can be found at this website I am not endorsing       them,............................they  just are some of the prettiest ones I found while surfing!

AND since I chose my ring,  when it arrives, I am steppin' out with a hot pink dress, a beautiful boa, and  PINK platforms!

When the night is through painting the town PINK, I am going to slide into my favorite pink nightie and slippers and lounge awhile...

As my love blossoms, I grow beautiful pink flowers to wear in my hair!

Love like a bud blosssoms when it is nurtured!

A rainbow of flowers in  my field of happiness today!

SO I tip my cup to my followers, and fellow bloggers...

I hook up my cable and DSL, and time to surf my friends...

Shop  here this weekend for a 50% discount fo ALL your hard LABOR!

Congrats to SUZANNE! She won last week's giveaway! Please stop over to her blog  for some shabby cottage ideas all year through Her other blog Confessions of a Cool Mom, is inspiring too! Let me tell you she IS one cool MOM! Please stop in today or this weekend and leave her a comment, and let her know Valrie sent you! I think she would make a great PS blogger too!

Waiting to hear from you via email or a call!
SO PICK up your phone, Mine is PINK! AND call or email me with your order now and enter to  WIN a  FABULOUS PINKALICIOUS FREE makeover !                                                        

Do not forget to visit my other PINK blogging friends and enter their giveaways here!

Please visit my sister's blog Stitches'n Stuff and be sure to tell her too that I sent you for  a visit, she is my guardian angel and the reason I have survived! She is the most talented person I know!

I love your comments they make me smile!

Leave yours today and you are entered to win my PINK surprise giveaway!


  1. Hi Valerie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love all your pink bling. Hope you had a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  2. What a pretty pink post! I really love those precious gems. Wow! So many to choose from! I like all your pretty pinks. I also appreciate you. You are one terrific lady. Blessings to you. Anne

  3. Dear Valrie: Thank you for visiting my blog and welcoming me to Pink Saturday. I am having such difficulties today with Blogger and I'm trying to get to everyone who visited yesterday. I went to your other blog and Wow - what a great post about the man of your dreams. How romantic! Usually I'm reading about furniture makeovers and blooming gardens but I really like your post. Good luck to you both!