Sunday, September 5, 2010

READ something each day!!

Did you know research states if you read something every day for  at least 15 minutes you will improve your fluency and become a better reader?

Also build your vocabulary bank. Each day add 3 new words to your vocabulary word bank!

Be scrupulous and vigilant about it! Here is what I have my students do in their binders.. they create a tab for vocabulary words.

vigilant vi/gil/ant Defn:  To be persistent and faithful in all you do about something. She was vigilant in her entries in her word bank, never missing a day!

By the end of semesters students have increased their vocabulary tremendously. They are instructed to pull the words from what they read in my classes, their other classes, their independent reading books, and also from news articles, what they hear on the radio, or read online. Word power is knowledge and knowledge is POWER! The more words you know, the better a command of the oral language and written process you will have! Reading begins to make sense the more you  are able to decode words. Every student needs a good collegiate dictionary and a strong thesaurus! What new words will you learn today?


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  1. Reading is one of the great loves of my life. We are a family of readers. My grandson was chosen to participate in a reading competition, and his team came in second in our county. I loved it.